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You ask me how to bind the micro shop WeChat public number

now, many people have a WeChat account, savvy investors have seen open micro shop prospects, this is indeed a new business opportunities to create wealth. Want to open a micro shop, you need to master a lot of skills. Micro shop how to bind WeChat public number? Today we address this issue for everyone to make a detailed answer.

reminder: binding WeChat public needs to operate in the micro shop management background and WeChat public platform, so the bound before, please open the WeChat public platform in your browser and micro shop management background two tabs to facilitate the operation.

if you have no WeChat public number, can refer to this tutorial to complete the registration registration, and then return to the micro shop management background binding.

The second step:

1, click URL and TOKEN at the end of the copy button can be copied.

2, into the WeChat public platform, in the list of features in the left function to select advanced features, and into the development model. Please note: in this step, please make sure that the development mode is turned on, and if you are using the edit mode, please enter and close, and then go to the development mode

3, respectively, just paste a copy of the good URL and TOKEN information, save. Please note: be sure to protect your URL and TOKEN information, if you need a screenshot, please delete the relevant information

third step: back to the micro shop management background

binding test

in just URL and TOKEN dialog box select test bound state.

in addition to micro shop management background, you can also bind directly to the public number in the WeChat WeChat binding set user center, and introduces the steps in front of exactly the same.



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