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Ministry of Education college employment should be equal employment and Entrepreneurship

graduate employment problem is one of the key tasks of the country each year, with the increasing pressure of college students employment, the role of helping the university gradually highlights. Colleges and universities will further strengthen the employment guidance, innovation and entrepreneurship will also be incorporated into the college education program.

employment from employment to equal employment and entrepreneurship. At present, the public entrepreneurship, innovation has become the consensus of many colleges and universities, and innovation has become a trend in the world. The responsible person believes that the level of employment from the point of view, focus on innovation is focused on employment. "We have always believed that college students are not only the holders of existing positions, but also should become the creators of future jobs".

in promoting employment and entrepreneurship, the responsible person said, to establish and improve employment and enrollment plan, the funding of the linkage mechanism, personnel training, professional adjustment. This year, the Ministry of education requires all colleges and universities to publish the annual report on the quality of employment of college graduates, including higher vocational colleges.

2016 college graduates employment complex and severe. The person in charge, at present to prevent two tendencies: one is to prevent blind optimism, for some good schools, college students employment problems, so it is not what the problem; on the other hand to prevent excessive pessimism, we think the situation is not very good, a lot of difficulties, we can not see the opportunity to see the reform of dividends."

in addition to help guide the graduates to work in business, universities also recommended


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