How to carry out the foot shop

any entity store business, if you want to make more profit, you must face the problem of expanding customers, foot shop also the same. After all, for the boss, once the foot shop officially opened, we must face the problem of expanding the guest, because the effective extension of the guest, the club can bring good revenue and performance. So, how to expand the customer to be effective. Years of experience to let me know, the most important thing is to improve the quality of sales, and constantly improve the service capacity of foot shop.

1, the use of social networking platform to call as much as possible.

is now the most popular social networking platform to promote their foot shop, broaden the source of customer channels. Expand foot shop customers, you need to take the time to define the whole market. Don’t give up any chance of becoming a potential customer, so it’s important to keep the conversation going. To ensure that the quality of the telephone, to introduce their customers to the recent preferential policies. Or send text messages, care for all customers, so that they have a certain understanding of foot shop.

2, newspaper advertising.

use the power of the media to improve the visibility of foot shop. After a certain number of customers attracted attention, also will slowly grow up, as long as the input source, advertising naturally has come back soon!

3, participate in the product show.

Some of the local health association held by

activities, showing their foot store the products in the field, to participate in the activities of the customer to be able to recognize your foot store, also can distribute some coupons in the event, inviting customers to shop to do foot nursing.

4, competitors’ customers.

can’t find the customer, dig the competitor’s customers. Competitors’ customers, as well as their potential customers, have a need for health, so if they are attracted to them for the right reasons to become their own potential customers. This is the way to kill two birds with one stone, so that their foot shop become a leader".

5, recommended by customers.

if there is such an event in the foot shop, dealt with the membership card customers, as long as they can bring their friends to the foot shop consumption, you can move the value of XXX yuan foot care products set. To preferential policies to impress their customers, expand new sources.

6, government agencies.

strives to obtain the relevant qualification certificate issued by the government. If you can search the web site for the government agencies


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