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National Day holiday to the retail business to bring what kind of thinking


October has come to the end of the month, from the National Day is over a period of time, but it only once a year opportunity, I believe there are a lot of impressive operators. Moreover, during the National Day holiday period is how to operate, for retail households who naturally have a more profound thinking. So, the National Day holiday to the retail business to bring what kind of thinking?

blink of an eye, in 2016 the national day seven days holiday unknowingly slipped away. "National Day" because of the traditional Chinese "Mid Autumn Festival", and sometimes even two will coincide, commonly known as double. National Day celebration of the country, the seven day holiday is undoubtedly following the traditional "Mid Autumn Festival" after the excellent retail gold period. Therefore, for the majority of retail households, not only should cherish this opportunity, it is important to seize the opportunity to do business.

so 2016 National Day holiday, retail business friends do? What do you think about the retail business? Recently, I visited these issues with a number of retail households, please come together to listen to their views, hoping to inspire the majority of retail households, in order to further improve the future of retail operations.

a, well prepared, fully prepared for important

Zhou Songlin: Hello everyone, I am a town in Anhui Province, Qianshan, a retail household, 48 years old, has been engaged in retail business for over 22 years. Today, I am very pleased to be able to communicate in this way and the national day business topics. National day seven day holiday has ended. Recalling the holiday business, I think, well prepared, full preparation is very important".

in the past during the National Day holiday, I always think that a long holiday, a lot of business opportunities, business must be good. Especially their supermarket is located in Mount Tianzhu national AAAAA scenic tourists during the double, Trinidad and Tobago, it doesn’t need to carefully prepared can do business. So I used to stare at the foreign tourists during the national day, that is, to prepare some scenic tourist souvenirs, some of the county’s soil products, etc..

however, in fact, this is not good, because like this business souvenirs, specialty shops, competitive pressure, resulting in the national day business benefits is not very good. Therefore, when I began to think about the Mid Autumn Festival, how to do a good job in the national day business, we must be prepared to change the past that kind of slack, lazy business thinking mode, the effect is satisfactory.

during the national day, I am ready to prepare in advance, not only taking into account the needs of foreign tourists, but also consider the reality of local tourists, in particular, pay attention to the "eat culture" Kung fu. Carefully selected several local delicacy, such as glutinous corn, chestnut, sweet ginger, snakegourd seed, good packaging. In cigarettes, based on local brands, but also focus on the introduction of some of the more popular


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