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What needs to be done to open a hot pot restaurant

eat hot pot season has come, now choose a good investment projects, as early as possible to operate the business can also make a fortune while the hot season. How about a hot pot restaurant? Need to pay attention to what matters? Xiaobian compiled a more detailed version, hoping to meet the franchisee needs, to join the business to bring some business help.

Division of market:

1, geographical location: hot pot restaurants have a greater impact on their business, to fully understand the geographical factors. In the same region, different shops and pots serve different consumer groups, while the same store and pot products to different regions will change.

2, population classification: affected by people’s living, cultural, religious, ethnic and other factors, there is a difference in consumption of hot pot, different varieties, grades, purposes are different. Different levels of consumer groups, grade, variety requirements are also different.

3, customer segmentation: in addition to consider the customer’s occupation, income, etc., but also analyze the motivation, is the traditional thrifty type, economical type, impulse type fashion or luxury, publicity and so on, in order to achieve tangible results.

4, behavioral analysis: the customer is divided into regulars, general guests, flow fit, new customers, etc., which is associated with the quality of hot pot restaurants, service level, customer trust and other related.

Investigation of

Effect of

1 on economic development, including the Hot pot, increased consumer demand for Hot pot, the existence of each grade of existing Hot pot shop Hot pot structural contradictions, social development and national policies and measures for the catering industry plays an important role in the development and the environment change and consumption instability and other major factors.

2, the impact of traditional factors on hot pot, which includes the history of the hot pot, wide, cultural, unique, etc..

Effect of

3 and the surrounding environment on the Hot pot, including the policy environment, such as the establishment of efficient Department security situation, the function and so on; infrastructure, such as the facilities of road traffic, parking location, water and electricity supply, communication network, procurement channels, consumer groups, financial, health and labor is closely related with the operation; preferential measures, such as tax, fees, rent and other aspects of the introduction of talent have preferential policies.


1, according to grade points: high, medium and low-grade, or luxury stores, specialty stores, public stores, self-service stores, etc.;

2, according to the function of points: characteristics of hot pot, hot pot, hot pot, hot pot, etc.;

first according to these standards, with its own characteristics, to choose their own products.


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