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Veterans with food and medicine bacteria paved their entrepreneurial life path

veterans self-discipline is very strong, not afraid of hardship, many veterans willing to use retirement free time to start a business, this is not the veterans and the "edible fungi" indissoluble bound, started their own business plans.

2008 at the end of the year, Jiao Zhiliang returned to Jincheng after the war, he found his first job is a wooden salesman. Jiao Zhiliang said: "every day, running around, tired, but also a monthly salary of one thousand dollars, can barely sustain life."

2009 March, Jiao Zhiliang participated in the SIYB entrepreneurship training class. "To be honest, I thought it was very easy to do business before attending the training. After the training, I found myself a layman." Jiao Zhiliang said that after a short training, he mastered some basic knowledge of entrepreneurship, and restore self-confidence.

Jiao Zhiliang second venture due to an accident. One day, he was wandering in the community Fengming village, accidental discovery opened a monopoly of edible and medicinal fungi shop, the thought of his mother suffering from hypertension, he went in to see. Listen to the efficacy of the salesman, he was a little tempted, decided to buy some back to let the mother try. Who knows a mother after a course of treatment, sleep better, people are more spiritual. Jiao Zhiliang said: "this product has aroused my great interest. After many inquiries, found only in the city of this store, the competition is not fierce, very promising."

snapadoo, Jiao Zhiliang and two friends immediately on the train to Jiangsu, spent three days on the manufacturers were investigated. After coming back, three people to invest in the partnership of $100 thousand, in the Garden District rented a room of more than and 80 square meters. In front of the shop, he also went to the company to carry out strict training, including how to account, how to explain the publicity industry. July 2009, Jiao Zhiliang’s food and drug store officially opened.


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