Jobs, Apple’s father

although Jobs has never left us, but he will never affect us off, he is in our hearts the image never so tall, if not he may not have the apple today, world famous apple mobile phone was born in the hands of Jobs, then in the creation of the whole process and what is the apple?

34 Legend Begins at home garage

Apple legend began in 1976, Jobs’s garage. Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak? Self assemble a computer, two young people have a great dream: to launch a affordable computer.

year, computers and peripherals asking price of at least $one hundred thousand, only large companies and the CIA can afford. In 1975, a Sunday morning, the two wires which Wozniak link the prototype of a computer screen and keyboard. "I didn’t realize the importance of the move," he said with a smile. This is the first time in history that someone typed on the keyboard and displayed on the screen."

in April 1, 1976, Jobs and the creation of Apple Com puter Inc,, director of R & D, Jobs is responsible for personnel. 1977 of June, apple two computer market, priced at $one thousand two hundred and ninety-eight. This is the first national computer, the world’s top about two million.

R & D goal is never seen before

1979, apple began to develop a new computer. Jobs controls the R & D department, something he’s never seen before. Apple subsequently launched a graphical user interface of the Macintosh operating system, immediately became widely accepted interface standard. Macintosh is the first mass-produced PC that can open multiple windows and has a mouse.

Jobs said: "we are very clear that all computers in the world will be like that." Andy, the core figure of the Macintosh’s research and development team, said: "apple is not the most profitable or the most dazzling of the products, but the perfection of the product itself to the greatest extent."."

they think different

Macintosh IBM

January 22, 1984, occupation football championship Super Bowl halftime, the Macintosh computer advertising debut by Hollywood director Ridley Stott Zhang jing. The rows of expressionless workers sat, watching the big screen on the spirit of George Orwell’s "1984" in the "big brother". A woman suddenly broke into the venue, armed police in hot pursuit, women will be in the hands of a hammer to pound the screen, crushing the elder brother’s image, the liberation of the trapped mass.



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