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What is the reason to choose to join Mingji dessert dessert

so much dessert to join the project, why do I have to choose to join Mingji dessert? What reason do you have for me?" Mingji dessert with creative health food culture Chinese and Western, Mingji dessert in the market set off a wave of high-end fashion dessert cyclone, and maintained a strong momentum of development, strong in Chinese inland market. Mingji dessert will adhere to the "excellent material, fine processing, taste delicious, elegant decoration, service" business purposes, efforts to develop the brand effect. The company adhering to the "integrity, truth-seeking spirit, adhere to the customer as the principle, pay attention to the franchisee, cherish every one to join with us Mingji dessert opportunities for cooperation and common development, to meet the new dessert fortune trip.

"Mingji dessert" join advantage analysis of


1 senior industry experience: Mingji dessert management team has years of industry experience, correctly grasp the market direction, provide a full range of

for your guidance

2 strong investment background: strong investment funds, the real strength of the faction, is committed to building the international top brands as the goal

3 professional planning team: the industry’s most senior team of experts, the country’s first master restaurant design concept, the dessert industry legend

4 top team management: the implementation of multi sectoral division of labor cooperation mode of operation, the domestic high-end management courses in-depth training

5 the highest cost-effective supply of raw materials: Mingji dessert using the fresh origin material supply, combined with domestic and foreign well-known raw materials equipment suppliers, to ensure the highest price

6 professional logistics and distribution: with thousands of square meters of large storage centers, equipped with professional logistics personnel, located in the core business district of Guangzhou, covering all parts of the country

7 system training system: to store operating, staff management, technology to learn all aspects of training courses, professional lectures that you learn with

8 intimate customer service: from consulting to shop, hand to hand a full range of services, according to different needs to provide you with the most secure professional services

9 authentic excellent product system: professional nutrition experts and top chef to help the industry, according to market demand and constantly create new research and development, to ensure the strong competitiveness of products

10 successful mode of replication: many successful cases of Mingji dessert, give you the most convenient and effective way to the success of

11 product update: to ensure that each quarter 3-5 new products to the market, a powerful technical update


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