How to attract farmers in rural supermarket

for the owner Feng Fei, now the supermarket business is better and better, every day is full of customers, you can achieve such a business situation, and his business strategy. As a rural supermarket, Feng Fei’s specific approach is to provide customers with a certain amount of space for them to entertain, this initiative is done after his careful study. Now, let’s see how Feng Fei did it.

today’s farmers work very short, but also a few months, and more free time. How can we attract them? My approach is to own yard is vacated to provide convenience for the villagers. Today, the square dance has entered the countryside, the villagers also like to dance after dinner, but can not find the place, so I will own yard to their use, so the villagers are very happy.

every night, they all came to my yard to dance, and I gave them music. At the same time there are a lot of villagers watching the crowd, they sat at the door to see the dance. There are many people, so people buy things naturally. Some customers like to smoke, so I went to the supermarket to buy. Some customers thirsty, so come to buy drinks, there are many children, they choose a variety of small food.

since this activity, I found that their supermarket sales significantly improved a large cut, it was off-season, but it is unusually prosperous. This let me see a huge opportunity, so I also launched a sausage project, these people are more interested in, they see the kind, will buy. Our village is quite large, so there are still a lot of customers.

in addition, I also use their own wide house, for the villagers to provide entertainment, everyone likes to play cards, but there is no place, so I will clean up a room for their use. This approach has been their praise, whether it is playing cards, or watch the fun, every day to our supermarket countless people.

especially in the winter, the outside can not stay, so people are going to my supermarket drill. Watching and playing cards, and some simply eat in our supermarket, they buy some beer, buy a little food to eat on the. The sale of cigarettes is also faster, most of the villagers are smoking, they regard smoking as a way of entertainment. So, I did eventually attract customers, thereby winning the objective economic income.

is now a lot of rural supermarket is still a wait for customers to the door of the operating mode, poor natural popularity. Feng Fei is very sensible, although the rural shops, but you can seize the favorable opportunity, through their own efforts, for customer service, this is a very good sign, it will certainly be able to attract customers. So, I hope the store space allows the owner, you can try. Next, we listen to the boss’s speech.


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