How to avoid business mistakes

is not working for others, how to run, has led a step by step instructions, once embarked on the road of entrepreneurship independently, he is "a lot of mistakes at all Those closely involved cannot see clearly.", do not know, the following Xiaobian introduce several methods to avoid the wrong business!

At the beginning of

second step: considering the cost of

when estimating the required funds, to avoid venture funds into bottleneck – this will make the enterprise be destroyed on one day. Controlling costs is essential, but don’t confuse costs with capitalization. There are a lot of insufficient funds in the market of venture capital, and capital is doomed to consider more than the cost of capital.

The third step:


in the new enterprise in the appointment of relatives and friends are the people most often do, but this may be a serious mistake. If they can’t do it well, it’s hard to let them go. You also need a manager who has to agree with your business plan, and one day you will be free to give him the full authority to start a new career.

The fourth step:



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