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Expert this island trademark registration, enhance the brand value of 100 times

brand is a kind of evaluation and cognition of an enterprise and its products, service and cultural value. When the brand culture is recognized and accepted by the market, the brand has its market value. Of course, the brand also needs a full range of protection, then how to enhance the value of the brand, to protect the brand?


brand requires basic protection, extended protection

to do a good job of brand, first of all to protect the brand, to strengthen the awareness of brand protection.

is not hard to do the brand foundation, a fall within the scope of the rights of others, it is a waste of effort, do the wedding dress for others.

brand protection mainly refers to the protection of trademark, patent and other intellectual property rights, as well as in the process of brand management has no harm to the brand. Trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights are the basic protection, the latter is extended protection.

a, basic protection

the basic protection of the brand mainly refers to the protection of intellectual property rights of the brand, including trademarks, patents, copyright, etc..

trademark registration is a lot of knowledge, a lot of people registered trademark is just a single category involved in its registration, in fact, this is very wrong, with great potential.

the correct approach is: to the vertical and horizontal registration, not only for the registration of similar trademarks, but also for similar industries and even all industries registered.

trademark registration optimization form:

1, cross class registration

, such as a restaurant industry brand, it will involve a lot of trademark categories.

: 29 categories of food, 30 kinds of spices, cakes, fruit, 31 kinds of vegetables, 32 kinds of drinks, 33 kinds of alcohol, 40 kinds of food processing, 43 kinds of restaurant, hotel, 44 kinds of nutrition and diet guidance.

registration through the cross category, so that it will not appear in other related categories of the same name brand, the brand does not appear in the extension of legal trouble.

2, cross industry registration

or a restaurant industry brand, to illustrate.

1) involving the Internet industry

is now the "Internet plus" era, any one industry may be involved in the Internet, then your brand must register the trademark in the Internet industry. Such as: 9 types of computer software, procedures, the 35 types of companies operating, advertising, chain class, the thirty-eighth types of data and communications services, computer terminal communications. Forty-first categories of online books and magazines published online electronic publications. 42 types of computer software related services.

2) involved in the transportation industry

food and beverage, >


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