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What are the principles of pharmacy off-season

shop ushered in the off-season, which is almost a normal thing, after all, almost no business can really achieve a hot season all year round. In fact, the retail industry will have a light, the season, the pharmacy industry is even more so. But when the season is to store the coming season, as a person should do what preparation?

the following four points is the pharmacy to deal with the principle of off-season methods:

moderate stimulation principle: mercenary way is only temporary, off-season sales should focus on drugs and seasonal characteristics of the summer, on the staff of the sales skills training and development, such as: the summer high incidence of what? What is the relevance of these drugs? Pharmacies how to match the sale of these drugs? How to get customers interested in non – therapeutic drugs?

reasonable planning principles: the development and establishment of pharmacy planning schemes, in addition to research to stimulate and induce the ability to purchase, conversion to mining and cultivate the potential of consumption, advocate the new concept of consumption direction, such as the theory of traditional Chinese medicine " winter disease " development and advocacy, summer summer diet and unilateral tonic, etc. edible, sunstroke prevention knowledge popularization in summer, and the use of pharmacists propaganda slimming beauty method, students with the brain nursed back to health knowledge, not only help sales, also let consumers feel love, feel the enterprise culture.

training principle: strengthen the relative season, off-season pharmacy workload is relatively small, this time should be organized to pharmaceutical professional knowledge, service etiquette knowledge, sales skills, sales season features such as the theme of training, improve the sales ability, strengthen the non professional service quality, to meet the next season and the off-season arrival.

store business off-season is very normal, but in the off-season, how to operate in fact there are related principles can be used for reference. So, if you are a pharmacy business personnel, when the off-season, with the introduction of the above small series, now you know how to do it?


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