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What is the most suitable for Entrepreneurship

has the funds on hand, the modern people no longer keep the bank, many people have the idea of entrepreneurship. First of all, to identify entrepreneurial venture, emerging industries, the potential for development of large projects, it is worth choosing, then what is the most suitable for the field of entrepreneurship?

Intelligent mobile phone

you will soon be regarded as the same and eight track player antique. Instead, computerized contact lenses that can predict weather or send your face book information. This is the wearable computing technology. Through 3D glasses, watches and other personal devices, it will be ubiquitous to shape your environment, explain what you see, and tell you what you can do with it. What’s the chance of success? Think about the smartphone market.

don’t tube of red wine. Because of the image conscious drinkers who are looking for high quality cocktails and beer, craft brewers and small spirits producers are booming. One of the smallest micro wine and micro distillation is selling their products through high-end stores and farmers markets. The income of micro wine increased by 29% in 2012, while the income of micro distillation increased by 32%.

online education

"Affordable Care Act" to speed up the trend of consumer driven health care. The company is looking for a market for products, including fitness applications and blood glucose monitors, designed to help consumers manage their health and reduce their health care costs. Last year, the number of healthcare companies raised $1 billion 400 million from Vc firm, an increase of 46% compared to 2011. Insurance companies and technology companies are seeking acquisitions.

professional online retail



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