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Some colleges and universities in Shanghai for teachers does poineering work from the green light

although since the promotion of entrepreneurship, many colleges and universities have a certain support for the resignation of entrepreneurship. However, such a venture will generally have a business project restrictions. In order to help Shanghai, the construction of global innovation center, "section 22" for the release of the bonus system as soon as possible, Shanghai University is actively exploring new branch set aside the "blank", essay in the pilot work.

"teachers to apply for post business, but the business project is not the high-tech field, can enjoy the relevant preferential policies similar to the case of Shanghai" 22 branch "?" Response to teachers and researchers doubt, Shanghai Business School issued the "two-way flow of scientific research personnel pilot scheme" — this is the Shanghai "by 22 after the release of Shanghai first on the flow of teachers and other acts to make the provisions of the process of colleges and universities, including the University from the system level to the reform of teachers to high-tech enterprises, does poineering work from part-time etc.. It is reported that in April this year, Shanghai Finance University has approved a teacher’s post for entrepreneurship.

even if there are concerns about the college level two, there are still bold College

whether Shanghai branch 22, and last year the city and Social Council, Municipal Education Commission and the Municipal Science and Technology Commission issued "on the implementation of opinions" and improve the city’s two-way movement of scientific research personnel, from the policy level to have the intention of University researchers engaged in scientific and technological achievements in the green light".


does poineering work from" to the university after all new management problems.

in April this year, Shanghai Finance University held a principal office meeting, passed the school teachers college insurance Chen Bin does poineering work from application. As a pilot move, the agreement signed by the Institute and Chen Bin include: Chen Bin in the enjoyment of the basic salary of institutions, students must also open a class a week to complete the basic teaching tasks.

Shanghai Finance University President Wang Hongwei bluntly, proposed post for entrepreneurship at the Chen Bin to the school after school, not without opposition: after Chen Bin left, the task of teaching students who succeed? If there are more teachers in the future to retain the human relations to the outside to test the water business, the application of the school’s daily teaching management order how to maintain?

"teachers have mature research to investment transformation, schools need to have the courage to reform, with some early adopters, the pilot nature of things." Wang Hongwei, Chen Bin engaged in mutual insurance project has some new ideas and market demand, the school is in making a comprehensive assessment of the project after the approval of her entrepreneurial venture off.

however, it is difficult to estimate how many teachers in the school will follow to add individual situation is different, in order to ensure the university teaching business, Wang Hongwei believes that the current can only take the way of a proposed recommendation


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