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What should you pay attention to in the process of running a coffee shop

with more and more people to pursue petty life, the quality of life has more requirements, cafes are becoming more and more popular, more and more popular! The cafe business is definitely a part of the industry to make money in the project, while also improving the quality of life pursuit, is indeed the best of both worlds, to operate a coffee shop, coffee shop business process to pay attention to what?

orientation – the dream, to have a sense of direction positioning determines the cafe, is the first step in a successful open cafe. For example, to open a luxury coffee shop, take away or a small cafe inside the seat? Does the shop sell only coffee, "coffee + cake", or "coffee + Cake + meal"? In addition, single store operation, composite cafe or allied with the different industry (for example with the bookstore to run)? This is the beginning of the first to think clearly. The operating position of the cafe, determines the capital, personnel, menus, locations, and even the store design decoration; must first determine the direction of business, and then planning other details. But many shop opposite, often first decided to design the decoration and site selection, to consider to what type of coffee, for example, "I want to open a coffee shop with Provence style," mind full around how to decoration of Provence style, this is most often made to open a coffee shop, too the most fatal mistake.

decoration design flexibility in fact, design and decoration are very flexible, suitable conditions, investment should not be too large and pure with cafe, decoration is more simple, as long as the bar design is good, the other almost can not spend what money. The coffee shop third courses: professional technology is not in place, everything is not since the opening of the cafe, and the quality of coffee beans is the key technology, determine the rate of return customers.



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