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Tianjin college student entrepreneurs Easy Access enjoy human resources service

for the convenience of the people, improve the efficiency of the government, decentralization spirit has been carried out in the whole society, but there are still some problems in the actual implementation. To this end, Tianjin specially opened the college students entrepreneurship green channel, to facilitate the rapid entrepreneurial personnel matters.

the "Easy Access" will rely on human social security department human resource base, providing services for enterprise recruitment recommendation, as "Bole" to help enterprises to quickly lock "maxima". At the same time also provides free agent to recruit retired workers, pay social insurance and declare all kinds of subsidies and other services, eliminating the need for entrepreneurs to run business time cost between departments, and hired full-time personnel cost money, to help companies save thousands of yuan per month at least, let them enjoy the good human resources service.

the social security department opened the public human resource service "Easy Access" play "Bole" duties, according to the needs of enterprises from the human resource library screening, personnel recommended skills, to help business enterprises to quickly find suitable recruitment. At the same time, "Easy Access" also rely on social sectors of the "Hongqiao Zhijie" WeChat public number, special recruitment platform, help enterprise recruitment needs, for businesses and job seekers to build a communication bridge.

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