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Patients with advanced breast conserving surgery is not suitable for ‘s health network

Lo eager to keep the characteristic of the female, in the understanding of the various types of surgery, she asked the doctor for her breast conserving surgery strongly, "can not be guaranteed if the milk, I prefer not to do surgery".

has a lot of contraindications to breast conserving surgery, breast cancer patients should be carefully chosen.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College

professional team, breast surgery, breast conserving surgery director Zheng Wenbo said, in 70s, has now become the world especially breast cancer surgical treatment in major Western countries. In our country, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, and breast conserving surgery is also the first choice for more and more patients with breast cancer. However, breast conserving surgery for early and mid patients, in addition to many contraindications. In the final analysis, the sooner the cancer is discovered, the more likely it is to be active in breast cancer treatment.

therefore regular self-examination of the breast should be a compulsory course for every adult woman".

breast conserving surgery has become the main means of breast cancer treatment

in the traditional concept, perhaps only one size fits all standard radical mastectomy can play "extermination" radical effect. Zheng Wenbo said that over the years the medical community were found through more than 70 thousand cases, to take a comprehensive treatment of breast cancer patients, to breast conserving surgery or non breast conserving surgery, 3 years, 5 years, 15 years survival rate after operation is no difference, so the problem of breast conserving surgery and breast conserving surgery which better now, there is no controversy. "In fact, all over the world now do only 2% of breast cancer surgery, breast conserving surgery has become the main means, such as France’s breast cancer surgery, there are breast conserving surgery is 70%."

Compared with radical mastectomy, the benefits of breast conserving surgery are not only to retain the characteristics of women, but also less damage to

. "The traditional radical surgery, bleeding will reach 400 to 500 ml, sometimes even blood transfusion, postoperative 12 days to take out stitches. Currently the world’s most common breast conserving surgery, only need to cut two cm long incision in the breast surface, the amount of bleeding can be controlled at about 200 ml."

Zheng Wenbo said that breast conserving surgery general will still leave obvious scars on the surface of the breast, in recent years the medical community has developed a new type of breast conserving surgery — Method of endoscopic axillary incision in three one or two cm to five cm large hole — breast cancer resection, guide wire into the body the tumor "hook" out. The operation amount of bleeding in 50 ml, and 6 days can take out stitches. Using this method the incision is hidden, taking into account the LO is relatively young, the appearance and the quality of life requirements are relatively high, the doctor advised her to take laparoscopic resection of breast conserving surgery.

breast conserving surgery is not suitable for all patients with

Zheng Wenbo said that due to the late start of breast conserving surgery in China, there are still half of breast cancer surgery is not breast conserving surgery, although not


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