What are the main shop promotion way

in the era of change, people’s life has changed a lot, do business need to keep pace with the times, every day sitting in the shop waiting for customers door-to-door service in the current consumption is no longer applicable, if you want to shop business is booming, promotion is certainly a very important means. Today, more and more shops, promotions are also more and more, but only in line with the needs of the customer’s psychology and the way it is possible to receive good results, which can be set up shop promotion? Today, let Xiaobian to introduce the shop to promote the way.

1. ad

this type of advertising investment is small, quick effect, the possibility of contact with the target can be higher. A widely used marketing model for the service industry. Specific operation: the production of pop billboards or light boxes, signs, etc., placed in the shop door. What can be done to promote sales? Since the promotion of advertising so that guests can see back and forth, good results.

2. outside promotion

shop promotion can have? The use of the clerk to distribute leaflets, publicity monolithic; the establishment of promotional platform, in the early stages of the promotion of the promotion of the site to promote the promotion of Miss, or set up a customer advisory desk for preferential activities to explain, handle, etc..

3. trial activity

shop promotion can have? Trial activity is a basic way of brand marketing, especially in the early opening or opening of the laundry, you can quickly establish a brand image. Specific methods include ex gratia, try to wash, free, and so on, such as the daily consumption of the store to customers free of charge.

4. gift

shop promotion can have? Gift giving is targeted, not unconditional offer. Otherwise the gift will lose value, for the pursuit of a sensational effect is not worth it. Gift not only to build brand awareness, but also to consider the promotion of brand reputation, with their own brand image closely linked.

5. group services

targeted for individual groups outside the promotion, which can expand the scope of business, improve visibility. At the same time, sales can also be turned into interactive sales, expand the scope of business, increase turnover. What can be done to promote sales? · into community living quarters, neighborhood committees and other business contacts. · access to office buildings, institutions and other places for business development. · and hotels, restaurants, wedding photo studio, kindergartens, schools and other private schools to carry out targeted services. < recommended


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