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Breast cancer patients with moderate sex helps rehabilitation health network

China’s breast cancer patients compared with Europe and the United States, the incidence of younger age. Teens and twenty, thirty of these age had more breast cancer. Before the elderly women with breast cancer, after surgery only want to save life, not too concerned about sexual life. But now that the patient is getting younger and younger, and the survival rate of breast cancer is higher and higher, how can the patient maintain the normal sex life while keeping the milk? Reporters interviewed the experts.

breast cancer is becoming younger and younger

Ye Changsheng, director of the southern hospital breast center, the absolute incidence of breast cancer in China is not high in Europe and the United states. The overall incidence of breast cancer in China is about 35~45/10 million, while the incidence of the United States is 90~110/10 million. However, the incidence of breast cancer in China is becoming more and more popular. The majority of patients with breast cancer in developed countries in Europe and the United States are postmenopausal. However, the incidence of premenopausal and postmenopausal women in our country is about half. Ye Changsheng said he sees patients the youngest is 22 years old, 20~30 year old patients accounted for about 5% of total number of patients, and patients aged 30~40 accounted for nearly 1/3 of the total number of patients.

majority of young patients want to protect milk

Ye Changsheng, the specific cause of breast cancer in younger patients is not clear, but in general may be related to the following factors: quick pressure, food safety, air pollution, improve the level of estrogen etc..

Compared with older breast cancer patients, younger patients are more likely to be treated because of their higher quality of life (

). Yet some young patients have a long marriage, some marriage life to live, so many patients hope can keep breast. It is understood that the traditional idea that young patients have to remove the breast, so as to avoid the recurrence or metastasis of the future. But on 2011 the American Society of clinical oncology published suggest that young women with early breast cancer in the breast resection should be carefully selected, clinical studies in the United States Boston Massachusetts General Hospital showed that young patients with early stage breast cancer were divided into breast conserving therapy and mastectomy treatment of the two groups, from the follow-up data comparison, local recurrence rate in two groups no statistically significant difference. This gives young patients " keep breast " confidence, of course, choose to remove or protect the milk according to specific conditions to decide.

In addition to the

, the leaf length survivor said that after mastectomy can also take " forming reconstituted " method to restore the appearance of the breast, which is now a relatively mature technology. However, breast shaping is only suitable for patients with breast cancer I, II and part III, for patients with large lesions range is not suitable for patients with advanced.

moderately good life for patients with rehabilitation

Ye Changsheng said that breast cancer surgery will certainly affect the sexual life of husband and wife.

The effect of

surgery on women is reflected in the psychological and physiological. Psychologically, on the one hand, women worry about sex


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