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Excellent letter second-hand car burn marketing strategy almost crazy

recently read advertisements, I believe that a lot of people for the excellent letter car advertisement studded impressive star endorsement cost is not small, so the brand advertising efforts is big, in the end what the ultimate goal of excellent letter of second-hand car?


this crazy money plan is also behind Dai Kun on their own confidence, "if you have faith, this thing in three or four years for consumers, dealers and the whole industry is valuable, you dare to do, let all people quickly enjoy this value, and then prove it can make money". Of course, may kill a mouthful of blood "in the process, but he wished it.

1982 was born in the year of the Dai Kun in the second-hand car business started 10 years ago. In 2005, he set up a second-hand car information service platform in Shenzhen – Automotive resume network. Two years later, BITAUTO was acquired, Dai Kun became easy car used car business — Eukanuba network general manager, after he was promoted to vice president of bitauto.

2011, Dai Kun left the car easy, to start a new venture, excellent letter. Over the past 4 years, excellent letter mainly do is B2B business, excellent letter shot, it build a network platform to help those who need to dispose of second-hand car dealer to sell the car at a faster speed, higher prices, but also help the second-hand car buyers get more goods. At the same time, excellent letter online to provide a complete set of online trading results to support the performance of the service system, including logistics, renovation, finance, etc.. Excellent letter shoot in each car transaction commission and service charge.

today, excellent letter to shoot the second-hand car market is already the largest B2B company. 2014 financing $260 million, Dai Kun began to think about how to make a difference in the field of 2C.


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