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To promote the new way of migrant workers back to employment in Chongqing city to take the whole net

in the beginning of reform and opening up, many people of China’s vast rural areas have embarked on the road of migrant workers, but after years of development after the big city’s economy has been significantly improved, the development of the vast rural areas become a pressing matter of the moment! Therefore, the Chongqing municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau said today that the Council to provide multi-channel services to promote employment of migrant workers return home, then the specific measures taken in Chongqing? The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding!

use of the social security agencies, overseas labor, labor cooperation base, labor broker platform, vigorously carry out the employment promotion work, in 2016 the city’s transfer of rural surplus labor force will reach 8 million 180 thousand, the basic realization should be transferred as migrant workers, employment outside the city were 4 million 417 thousand people, 3 million 763 thousand people, the nearest place of employment trend.

through the "spring action", "private enterprise recruitment week" and other special service activities, organized migrant workers recruitment 1120, providing 400 thousand jobs; the implementation of poor personnel employment assistance special action, helping the rural poor staff employed 71 thousand people; to carry out the employment assistance month special service activities, provide 100 thousand jobs people with difficulties.

the development of rural areas is still urgent, to promote the employment of migrant workers returning home, the new approach taken by Chongqing, to a certain extent, will effectively promote the majority of migrant workers return home! More than 300 Training Alliance for efficient operation, to provide workers with access from the needs of the students to organize training to carry out the whole process of employment services, rural labor skills training to carry out 300 thousand people.

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