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Bay baby shower shop allows you to earn money

now in the social life of the bath house have been filled with these baths but most high streets and back lanes, however, is to serve the adult people, in fact, serve the children bath in the market is very small.

this "baby bath shop" reception is generally a newborn baby, the biggest is not more than two years, so it was also called the "baby shower bath".

operators introduced, child health bath to vary, so the medicine soup is according to different symptoms of children specially brewed. The program is very easy to wash the child on the board, the pot of hot air can be steamed on the child. While taking a shower with hot dip charge master Decoction massage child body, the whole process takes about 40 minutes.

because of child body are generally more delicate, the master bath technique requires patience and is relatively high, otherwise the child did not wash well, but they’ve made you hurt, who dare to come to your shop?" With medicine liquid soap after washing, bathing master also with moxibustion moxibustion special times child body, is said to be to adjust Yin and Yang, rousing, dredge and defend the body effect.


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