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Zimo found 4 breast breast injury risks ‘s health network

[introduction] a TV station in Hongkong had made a show about the woman chest, hostess Pauline Lan in the program on the spot please family doctor for examination of the chest is not to increase the ratings and staged a gimmick, but hope that women can pay attention to their own breast, regular inspection, early detection and early treatment.

In fact, most women have

fiber cyst, but often is because a lot of people know the cyst is a common problem, so even feel cyst also less attention, but the fiber cyst has benign, malignant, is also very easy to be confused with mastitis, breast cancer, plus, because common see more slowly, it will turn a blind eye, so that is not a negligible fiber cyst situation, take care of yourself, you should have the courage to face their problems, not because of shyness and fear.

method for the detection of breast health


1, observe

standing, his arms hanging on both sides, to observe the breast shape, whether the normal arc profile becomes irregular, there is no peel like pits, or there is a small lacuna, when there is no extrusion fluid from the nipple overflow.



first touch the breast, and then touch the armpit, with the middle finger and index finger of the abdomen, along the direction of a comprehensive examination of the breast.

3, lying check

lying in bed, with the nipple as the center, with the pulp in a clockwise direction close to the skin to do circular massage. Check the force should be uniform to the finger can touch the ribs is appropriate.

4, will put

in the head under the armThe breast tissue under the arm of

will move to the center of the chest, with the left hand to check if there is a lump in the right breast, touch a little harder, so that your hand will be closer to the breast tissue and easier to touch. Same method for left breast.

often found 4 breast injury Zimo hidden

1, mass and lesions early detection

many women have such a misunderstanding, that mass breast but do not ache not to itch no problem, only feel pain is possible, but in gynecological experts, do not ache not to itch breast lumps cannot let down.

painless breast lump that is one of the characteristics of breast cancer, so never let down. In general, inflammation caused by breast lumps will be accompanied by localized swelling expansion, hyperplasia of the mass is characteristic of premenstrual pain, while the size of the breast cancer in the early no obvious pain, do not even feel, only to the late local skin ulceration occurs when the symptoms of pain, but often this time late.

so, let lovers and friends help you feel, if you can touch the masses that don’t neither painful nor itching, fortunately that is benign cyst, probably this is the first time a small bomb warning breast breast cancer — give you a.



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