Do a good job in the following points

want to succeed in business, you must master some skills! Recently, a friend asked: before contact with the network, how to do network sales. The following is my answer, a little simple.

1, updated supply information every day, released a number of supply information. The title of the information should be put on the back of the product keywords

3, the use of good blog. Nothing to write with their products and industry related articles. The title of the article is the best product keywords, the article in the blog, and finally find a friend to support, message, the use of trade through the message to invite friends, the premise is that you go to a friend’s blog to see, reply. This is conducive to search engine included your article, so as to achieve the effect of free publicity.

4, finishing a good tradelink. Do not send ads, but the information can be sent to friends. The use of trade through more understanding of friends, the industry, other industries, a lot of benefits, not too utilitarian.

5, adhere to the above points, a few months ago can not be discouraged. Have time or can send some information to other sites, pay attention to update. To open a blog, then open a few more, in different sites, the use of good product keywords. The more active you are on the web, the more opportunities you may have.


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