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36 initiatives solid entrepreneurial Kunming future

Carry out

management activities for the national each big city ushered in a wave of entrepreneurship are great in strength and impetus. Kunming has developed a "pioneering Kunming" development route, to promote employment, promote economic development, to find the right way to develop Kunming.

To further improve the

"promote public entrepreneurship, innovation" is the inevitable choice to cultivate and the birth of economic and social development of the new power, is a fundamental measure to expand employment, achieve Fumin Road, is an effective way to stimulate the creativity of the whole society and the potential of entrepreneurial activity. Two sessions this year, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in the government work report, to the public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation to promote the Chinese economy to continue to move forward, one of the twin engines. In recent years, with the development of international and domestic economic situation, people can see further, get rid of the shackles of innovation and entrepreneurship, stimulate the market and social vitality, so that each person has entrepreneurial intention with the entrepreneurial space, has become the voice of the times, the development of the inevitable.

with all the world economic activities, since entrepreneurship can produce huge benefits, will inevitably have to face the failure risk. According to incomplete statistics, the current Chinese college students entrepreneurial success rate of only 5% to 8%, about the level of advanced countries of 1/4. In addition, the current China concept is not popular, entrepreneurship and innovation, entrepreneurship education and training system is not perfect, the ability to create, entrepreneurial, good environment to encourage innovation, tolerance of failure has not been formed. All these are the objective reality of entrepreneurial willingness people have scruples, on our "innovation" road of someformidable block.

the effective elimination of entrepreneur’s concerns, to remove the obstacles in the way of promoting the public venture, the highly innovative boat sail, the government departments at all levels not only should also have a brilliant future. In the current stage is to "set sail", according to "the four overall strategic layout, adhere to promote reform, accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, give full play a decisive role in the market in the allocation of resources and better play the role of government, to increase decentralization efforts to relax the policy and market deregulation, the main body, the formation of a good atmosphere for entrepreneurship innovation, entrepreneurs make thousands on thousands of active, converging huge kinetic energy of the economic and social development.

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