Baidu barbecue

Baidu barbecue, hear the name you are not mistaken for a Baidu search engine for the Internet, how also began to enter the catering industry? Don’t get me wrong, baidu means that the brand has hundreds of stores, rather than Baidu.

Baidu barbecue, is a well-known brand in the Chinese restaurant chain industry rapid development. Baidu barbecue, the first brand of Chinese paper barbecue, the national food and beverage chain industry rapid growth enterprises.

2005, the main feature of the paper barbecue Baidu barbecue was born in Shenyang. Just four years, the spirit of "do not do big, do fine do not vulgar" business philosophy, the brand has rapidly expanded the territory to the country’s 25 provinces, the development of more than 360 franchise stores.

subsequently, headquarters and domestic well-known chain planning company to establish strategic cooperation, further improve and standardize the franchise system, establish and perfect the logistics distribution system, and create an efficient chain development team.

in the future development of the road, Baidu barbecue will continue to develop the country to join the chain business, and synchronize the original barbecue to join. In the country to achieve the medium-term goal of 500 stores, we will look at the global food and beverage market, determined to become an international standard to join the chain, the development of China’s barbecue industry to the world.

join support

1, a complete set of successful business management model to ensure the lowest operating risk

The headquarters of the

now has to establish a set of mature and perfect product development, store management, staff training, decoration design, customer service, sales, continued follow-up support and a series of successful norms and systems, the franchisee can be directly used has formed the market visibility and the successful business model of brand and enjoys success; both consumers have their own boss; but do not have the backing of the headquarters, fight a lone battle, you can enjoy the joy of success, to join their own way from the risk of paying and energy.

2, professional product development and production technology

company has a professional R & D department and processing plant, so that the product has always been at the forefront of the development of barbecue, the annual product update rate of more than 30%. The headquarters is responsible for the production of technical and procurement of quality raw materials to ensure product quality and taste.

3, unified procurement and distribution system

chain headquarters due to huge scale, the scale of procurement to ensure the quality of the uniform, but also reduces the franchisee’s costs, increase profits, and headquarters distribution system for the unified professional shop delivery, ensure goods timely, reduce.


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