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2016 Jiangsu 1-3 quarter service industry leader

in our market economic development is reflected in many aspects, the main industry, service industry, agriculture, forestry and so on, in order to better grasp the economic development in the region, there will be a different report related. Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of statistics released in October 25th the latest data show that in the 1-3 quarter of 2016, Jiangsu GDP of 5 trillion and 528 billion 150 million yuan, with an increase of 8.1%. From the three industries, an increase in the value of 215 billion 110 million yuan, increased 25308 second billion yuan, three increase in the value of 2 trillion and 782 billion 240 million yuan, respectively, with the increase of 0.4%, 7.4% and 9.5%, the service industry not only the total amount of more than industry, and increase leading.

specifically, the overall industrial production showed a "steady growth momentum": on the regulation of industrial added value increased by 7.8%, the growth rate was flat with 1-6 months; high-tech industrial output grew by 6.8%, faster than the province’s regulations on industrial 0.2 points. This data means that the overall industrial economy maintained a transformation and upgrading trend.

1-3 quarter, service industry growth rate of 1-6 months increased by 0.1 percentage points, accounted for 50.3% of GDP, higher than the proportion of secondary industry 4.5 points. Among them, the most eye-catching performance of the financial sector, with an increase of 14.3%, real estate grew by 9.2%.

1-3 quarter, Jiangsu real estate development investment completed 668 billion 650 million yuan, commercial housing sales area of 10094.8 square meters.

from the three carriages, investment growth has declined. 1-3 quarterly fixed asset investment 34898 yuan, with an increase of 8.5%, the growth rate down points than 1-6. One investment of 19 billion 220 million yuan, with an increase of 26.7%; the same increase in investment in the production of 8.6%, 8.2%.

consumption performance is still very strong. 1-3 quarterly total retail sales of social consumer goods 2 trillion and 88 billion 40 million yuan, an increase of 10.8%, compared with 1-6 months to raise the point of 0.2.

is a hot real estate market this year, so in the development of the economy, but also played a role can not be ignored. At the same time, we also need to point out that the 1-3 quarter of Jiangsu’s exports continued to decline. The province’s total import and export 2 trillion and 439 billion 440 million yuan, with the drop of 2.7%, respectively, in the import and export fell by 5.6% and 0.9%. Revenue growth, but growth has declined. 1-9 month to complete the general public budget into 604 billion 740 million yuan, with an increase of 3.4%, has bid farewell to the "figure two" growth for a long time. By the end of 9, the balance of RMB loans was 8 trillion and 973 billion 920 million yuan, with an increase of 6.4%.

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