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Guangxi small loans to support college students entrepreneurship

is now the country to support college students to start their own businesses, local governments have also introduced a number of policies to help, especially in the support of venture capital is a large amount. It is understood that the current Guangxi for secondary school students will be given a maximum venture capital of 1 million yuan loan guarantee.

according to the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region human resources and social security department learned that college graduates can get up to 1 million yuan of small loans secured.

Department of human resources and social security

formulated "Guangxi small loans management measures" provisions of the microfinance loan policy coverage to college graduates and other groups, raising the loan amount reached 100 thousand yuan, individuals can apply for small loans, business partnership and organized employment reached 1 million yuan, can apply for microfinance the loan, while simplifying application procedures, expand the way of security.

reporter learned that the Nanning city government at all levels to implement the about 15000000 yuan as the capital of entrepreneurial development, mainly used for the arrangement of entrepreneurship training subsidies, entrepreneurial project promotion services, micro credit guarantee fund to support the entrepreneurial base, providing funding for college students to lead the work of Jin Baozhang. Meanwhile, the Liuzhou municipal government to spend 50 million yuan, the establishment of college students venture capital, in line with the provisions of college graduates, you can apply for a starting fund of $150 thousand -30 million.

this year, in order to ease the hardest job season grim employment situation, the relevant departments to build a platform, the introduction of a series of preferential policies to promote entrepreneurship employment.

It is described that

graduates and college-graduate village official, for the low profit items of small loans, by the central government to the full discount; graduates engaged in non restricted industries individual businesses in the year of graduation, every 3 years can receive up to 8000 yuan of tax exemption; college graduates graduated 2 years engaged in non restricted industries and individual business the relevant administrative fees waived within 3 years.


of human resources and social security department responsible person, the relevant departments to support the graduates founded micro enterprises, in line with the conditions, you can enjoy the financial subsidy funds financing guarantee administrative support, tax relief, special funds to support the project and arrange a number of preferential policies. In addition, the trade unions, the Communist Youth League and women’s federations also give full play to the role of "linkage mode of small loans + credit community construction + entrepreneurship training", carry out various forms of business services, and establish and promote entrepreneurship to create social entrepreneurship, advocating public opinion atmosphere, to promote the further development of the work of College graduates.

Guangxi to implement these subsidies and financing guarantees and tax cuts and a number of preferential policies to create good conditions for Guangxi to support self employment of college graduates, the polynomial of the business service not only recommended solutions


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