90 guy kind of green business

some people feel very tired, it is also hard to start a business, but it is the best. Here is a 90 guy, start planting green plants a gardener, of his own career!

choose entrepreneurship because of love;

3 24 in the morning, the reporter walked into Zhou Wei’s green flower shop, look at a look, it was all shapes exquisite lovable, wide variety, eyeful green plants attract, Zhou Wei hard in this piece of "green travel" in the busy.

have start the green plants Home Furnishing idea, Zhou Wei went to the sister store, began to learn from the bottom and move the goods, delivery, pruning, watering and so on, through the study of that time, let Zhou Wei more love in this industry. Zhou Wei said: "after taking a brave step, my heart is happy, the future is full of imagination."

soon, Zhou Wei will start the place at the ferry, "when I was very small in Dadukou life, to the people here and I feel very familiar, up here, I feel very comfortable." Zhou Wei said. In 2014, Zhou Wei’s green flower shop in Dadukou District Green Pine Road community opened.

he recalled that in 2014, the first time he tried to grow orchids, Mimosa recommended


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