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Women’s health the first killer is not terrible ‘s health network

how to reduce the risk of breast cancer in daily life?

is a precursor to breast cancer,

painless lumps need to pay attention to, but the overall health of the breast is not only the case, whether the symmetry of the chest, the skin of the breast is related to the health of this.

Breast cancer risk was higher in women with

breastfeeding history.

postmenopausal supplement

breast self-examination?

1, women over the age of 18, monthly breast self-examination 1 times.

When is the best time for



production, high yield of women with breast cancer probability is small.

30-35, 4 year old female, 1 days after the breast X-ray examination as control according to the. Women less than 50 years of age, according to individual circumstances, consult the doctor if the need for mammography. Family history and personal history of breast cancer, the frequency of breast X-ray examination should consult a doctor. Women over 50 years of age, breast X-ray examination every year, 1.

age, in women, the incidence increased with age.

at late age, the risk gradually increased with the delay of early middle age, age of first in danger after the age of 35 were higher than those without family history.

? What are the risk factors for breast cancer in

the age of menopause is late, and the age of menopause is 55 times higher than those who are under the age of 45.

age of menarche early menarche, less than 12 years old chances of developing breast cancer than the more than 17 years had doubled.

breast cancer is genetic?

3, women over the age of 40, a year to receive a medical examination for 1 times.

needs to take immediate action to spread the most rapidly growing tumors, which are slower than most other cancers. By examining the breast cancer, the cancer cells have basically been in the breast for 3-15 years.

for premenopausal women, each month menstruation first 9-11 days was the best time for the breast examination; menopausal women each month fixed day.

for we do not know so much about breast cancer, do you have these errors:

breast cancer must remove the breast?

2, 18-40 years old women, at least every 3 years to receive a medical examination for 1 times.

some surgical history of breast disease, there are data show that breast lobular or ductal epithelial dysplasia in patients with breast cancer is the chance of normal women 5 to 18 times.

has about 15%-20% of breast cancer patients with a family history, and not necessarily the role of genes. Lifestyle and eating habits is similar to the pathogenic

has a family history of breast cancer, breast cancer has a certain family genetic predisposition.


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