Projectile fee

Octopus pill is one of Hong Kong style cuisine, one of the most essential features of Hong Kong Style Tea restaurant. Food sharing makes Octopus pills also deeply loved by the people of the mainland, to open a small octopus pill shop, has its own specialty snacks is the dream of many people dining. Pellet to join the ball to help you dream.

, to burn projectile projectile octopus balls, full of delicious taste delicious, rich and distinct, has become the fashion crowd, students and children, the elderly are very fond of the delicacy originated in Japan, Osaka, known as the characteristics of crisp skin and tender meat, delicious snacks, is known to every family quintessence.

pellet fish balls to burn, the selection of high-quality materials, secret technology to create, the introduction of a unique taste delicious, so diners favorite. Open the meatball shop, low cooperation threshold, get rich fast, headquarters to give a number of preferential policies to protect your profits.

projectile to join the cost of how much money

pellet to join the burning of the ball to select the best material, through the strict processing procedures, the system to make delicious dumplings, is a highly respected consumer food. Pill to join the food and beverage market to promote the market to get a lot of investors in the green squint, consumers of all ages are particularly fond of. So how much does it cost to join


is a small projectile, the true good investment projects, and to join the projectile fee of only 10000 yuan, and joined the projectile for nourishing the store area is not too large, 5-10 square meters can be opened, high profit products amounted to more than 60%. Products rich and varied, nearly a hundred species. Extensive customer base, mass consumption, young and old.

can be fixed, projectile store, shop, shop in shop stalls. It is not only flexible business model, its location is flexible, commercial street, near the school, next to the subway, food city is the best location for its operation. Project headquarters will be based on your actual situation, choose their own business. Allows you to find the right market positioning and business methods, so that you have a good business seasons!


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