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15 years of these LED products are hot explosion

LED for people to open a new era of lighting, LED lighting products because of more energy saving and environmental protection, has been recognized by the community. "Internet plus" is that the LED industry more imagination. The development of the electricity supplier gradually mature, and the "Internet plus" has given more business connotation. The data show that this year, relying on the Internet channel sales growth rate higher than the store.

light source

from the quantitative index, light source products in the first half of the year changes obviously, years after the platform hits, search volume and collection volume were lower than the year ago, also showing a declining trend from the trend.

light source in the Taobao index products market segmentation for LED single lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp, compact fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp, incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and other light source 8, clicks from the search perspective, LED single lamp category distribution accounted for most. An average of about 60%, second for other light sources, accounting for about 15%.

from the actual volume, LED single lamp also accounted for 47.58% of the ranked first, with 21.57% LED lights with the proportion was second, other light products accounted for 16.13% in third. Although the three class of products occupy the light source market volume of the top three, but the overall market downturn affected by the situation, the transaction chain growth are showing a downward trend.

in the first half of the cycle, PHILPS, OPPLE lighting, NVC lighting products occupy the top three sales ranking. From the product point of view, OPPLE 12-LE-38465, 12-LE-41490, 12-LE-27297 lighting and other series of lighting products, NVC LED  PHILPS T5 lamp series, LED lamp and so on has become the platform hot explosion models".


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