Careful management will do business for fire

how to be able to do a good job shop business, different operators will have a different understanding, naturally there will be different views. For small series, if a shop wants to make business booming, the heart is really very important business. Why do you say that? Look at the small series to introduce the case.

although there are more than ten minutes walk from the eldest brother, but the thought of finishing there is the same money, why not take care of the business acquaintances? What’s more, small and big brother family relationship is not bad. Therefore, I always far away will be home to be mended and dry cleaning of clothing like, to open and dry cleaning shop in the big brother house next door to mend what little there to finish.

perhaps it is because of their own psychological reasons, so for everyone: "the same is in a street on the dry cleaners, why other businesses are always cool? Small home business is always busy?" I always thought that it was not because of the long opening of their stores, and the reasons for their acquaintance. But this time, because the two pieces of clothing, let me shop in the small shop so good a new understanding.

these two pieces of clothing are: a coat son a jacket and little son. Little son’s coat is not a problem, just add a zipper head on the line. The eldest son’s head was a little trouble, probably because when sewing the problem that a season wear down jacket, the left and right sides near the hem is the emergence of the "crack", with the arm connecting the front and rear two pieces of cloth connecting line is just a herringbone. Although not to "exacerbate" signs, does not affect the utility of the clothes, but the "bare teeth" people looked very awkward.

as a matter of fact, when I handed over two clothes to my sister-in-law, who came here to help me, I asked her to take her to the store. A few years class in a garment factory in the sister, has been very clear to tell my son: small coat with chain head, but also at the top of the zipper on both sides of the needle with a small overlap seam "bank", because once again, the only way to prevent the chain head fall off. As for the son’s jacket, not only sewing "huge project", and may leave an ugly patch, after all, this dress is not generally caused by off-line, but because people in this place when garment sewing, the line at the outer edge of the cloth, leaving less reason caused. To tell the truth, the sister said, I did not expect this dress will be small can fill what!

but when I got my clothes on the appointed day, it was the other way before me. The youngest son’s coat is not only a match with the color of the clothes of the chain head, even on both sides of the zipper on the top of the original I have to sew the "Hom", was also used to sew the needle carey. Look at the big son’s clothes before


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