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More mellow and sweet taste good Tofu pudding

New Year approaching, still remember the childhood home grinding tofu, mom or grandma will scoop a bowl of Tofu pudding, mixed with sugar and let’s eat. The taste is now also can not forget the taste of childhood. So today we’ll talk about this special Tofu pudding.

tofu brain is a very tender tofu, the body’s absorption rate of up to 92% ~ 98%. The protein content of tofu curd is rich, and is a complete protein, not only contains eight kinds of essential amino acids, and the ratio is close to the human body needs a higher nutritional value; reduce blood fat, protect vascular cells, prevention of cardiovascular disease. Today to introduce "Christopher Tofu pudding".

more than half a century ago, Tainan street, there is a taste of popular folk popular snacks: "old Tofu pudding is called" burden ". The old burden, because it is a simple man every day of their burdens of street wear Lane sound peddling trafficking. No matter the dawn, or sunset, when the old man "Tofu pudding, sounded Tofu pudding" sound at the habits of the people will neither fast nor slow, through sound, to bear Tofu pudding by twos and threes before leisurely enjoy their familiar favorite snacks, and the children is particularly busy crowded around, see the old man a bowl of a loving Tofu pudding bowl, scoop sugar, a better life in their pure childhood memories of india.

old Tofu pudding, dense white, tender fragrance, fried boiled syrup.



Tofu pudding

mellow sweet, each bowl is actually revealed that the old man’s sincere intention to elaborate. The years fragrance, the craft of the elderly in the faint years from generation to generation alive; and ancient streets and alleys of the old one Tofu pudding "story is also in the development of Taiwan’s economy, society forward under the background of a new chapter.


1982 (in 71), central and southern Taiwan in the vegetable market and evening market as well as large and small block and the side of the road suddenly appeared "happiness" in the name of the small dining car, big red tone bright eye-catching, selling is the legend of the "old Tainan delicious bean flower burden". Originally, the old man’s descendants of the burden into the dining car, and the selling Tofu pudding diner named "Christopher Tofu pudding dining car" chose Taiwan folk more traditional simple street promotion area. Soon, this delicious authentic traditional Tofu pudding with guests added a pass twenty pass 100 called louder. Want to join the ranks of the "Christopher Tofu pudding cart" people pour in. "Christopher Tofu pudding" in her early period, such as the beautiful butterfly, after long against the pain after the birth of "Fu" wind wings, the fate of dance.

inoculation forest "


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