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A woman must know the breast surgery _39 _ women health network maintenance


adhere to the breast massage, can promote the development of the breast; can take a bath every day before going to bed or breast massage.


if you are 20 years old – contribute to breast fitness development

every day usually do manual operation, chest, chest, also can do push ups, pull ups or dumbbell workouts, spring movement, to exercise chest muscle developed, thus contributing to increased breast hypertrophy.

the timely use of breast device, the correct method is very important; a device is the use of negative attraction, and promote breast fullness, so the negative attraction is not too large, but can not act with undue haste.

so, how much is the normal breast development? In fact, breast size should be commensurate with the height, size, height, shape due to different breast size standards It differs from man to man.

you need to do is: a small number of female breast development is small, flat chest, undulating breasts, women should be lack of curves, in this regard, you can take the following measures or can make up for:

is not a partial eclipse, to develop good eating habits, the appropriate increase in the number of animal protein and fat.

female puberty, breast gradually began to develop, and breast areola nipple areola and nipple have increased, the color gradually deepened, the development of glandular tissue, subcutaneous fat increased gradually, breast plump conical, full and upright, then to protect the breast is mainly to make more healthy breast development.

if the breast is too small to do?

care for themselves, care for the breast, is a woman’s life needs to be careful to operate the cause of health. For the breast, every age, women have to face the breast problems are different, but also need a different woman care. Here’s a look at women 20 to 50 years old breast care bar.

(internship editor: He Lili)


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