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Nanjing Transportation Bureau released bicycle management system sharing

can be seen everywhere in the small yellow car green cars all over the streets of Nanjing, although people’s lives have brought convenience, but it will bring some trouble. Now in the streets of many cities, you can see a small yellow car, small red car, which is being more and more people like to share a bike".

17 this month, the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of transportation issued a number of opinions on promoting the healthy development of Nanjing bicycle (Draft), a clear understanding of the various government departments to share the responsibility of the bicycle. What are the new rules of "sharing bikes" in Nanjing? Can they regulate the operation of the "shared bicycle"?

shared bicycle Luantingluanfang brought many problems to the city management. Not long ago, near Confucius temple in Nanjing, hundreds of vehicles piled up, cluttered bike sharing. Xinjiekou Nanjing shopping district because of shopping malls all over the crowd, but also to share the bicycle business battleground". It is understood that Xinjiekou currently has a total of 11 non motor vehicle parking, 1500 bicycle parking spaces can barely meet the personal parking of non motor vehicle, according to the statistics of the urban management department of the Xinjiekou area, most of the shared bicycle into more than a little. In the sharing of bicycle devoted menacing, non motor vehicle parking spaces have been overwhelmed.


Administrative Committee of Xinjiekou City Administration chief Lu Minmin said helplessly, "we feel, to Xinjiekou to buy something that will not be riding a bike, subway or bus or I walk, bike sharing not only into. This place is unable to get up, we help him clean it, that we are in the mess parking."

people in the use of a shared bike, you need to do safe driving, but also learn to treasure resources. The draft regulations, the user may not be shared within the unit, bicycle parking area, in addition to public vandalism, theft, vehicle Luantingluanfang violations will be dealt with according to law by the relevant departments, and included personal credit records. The draft also mentioned that if the public has any comments or suggestions, you can give feedback before March 24th.

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