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Smelly woman eating durian flavor at _39 _ women Samick Health Network

women eat durian three benefits of

durian can improve abdominal cold, promote increased body temperature, is the ideal tonic Jiapin cold constitution of the. With the durian shell and bones together with the soup to drink, has been the traditional folk prescription diet to treat various body cold symptoms.

39 Health Network reminder: Durian nutritional value is good, but can not eat too much time, otherwise it will cause the body heat of fire, mouth sores. If you have friends do not get angry, drink herbal tea to reduce pathogenic fire, nutritional value loss of durian. Can choose the "Queen of fruits" to eat mangosteen mangosteen antipyretic, both under fire and will not affect the nutrient absorption of durian. In addition, the durian with high sugar content, not suitable for patients with diabetes to eat durian, otherwise easily lead to elevated blood sugar, aggravating illness.

benefits two: enhance resistance

often eat durian will make people healthy, enhance the resistance, they can be nourishing spleen qi, kidney yang, is a nourishing effect very good fruit, if the illness or postpartum women, can eat durian to supplement the body effect.

benefits: improve dysmenorrhea distress


because the thermal properties of durian is a fruit, eat durian can improve dysmenorrhea, menstrual adjustment plays a role, especially to help improve the current abdominal cold, hands frozen female menstrual period.

a strong smell of durian, cannot bear the smell for people, with the word "Stinky" is no exaggeration to describe, in fact, durian is extremely rich in nutrients, is often used as a patient, postpartum women nourishing the body tonic, can enhance human immunity and improve human cell antioxidant capacity. So, for women durian, what are the specific benefits of

three benefits: female body cold tonic


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