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Ganzi three major initiatives to solve poverty

in our life in every city economic development situation is not the same, some city relatively fast economic development, the local people’s living level is higher, but there are also some of the city’s economic development is slow, the local people’s life is not well protected. Ganzi attaches great importance to poverty alleviation work, based on the actual state of employment, closely around the development of a number of deployment requirements, as the "matchmaker", actively set the poor masses and enterprises "marriage", efforts to solve the employment problem of poor people.

one, do a good job service, matchmaking good media". To further strengthen the development of labor organization construction and standardization of Ganzi recruitment application management, positive for poor people and enterprises "do the media", has established services in Kangding, Danba, Kowloon, Yajiang sent 9 companies, the formation of human resources service in Luding, Daofu, Shiqu (labor intermediary company) 4, formed in Daocheng workers team 6; issued a total of 138 jobs, the recruitment unit number 317, the number of Posts 1369, employment 741 people.

two, take a good platform, held a grand blind date". The State Bureau of human resources and 696 enterprises organized a "employment assistance" "spring action" and "private enterprise recruitment week" college graduates employment service month "and" blind date ", information provided 2312 jobs, job seekers receive registration certificate of 5086 copies, 1214 job seekers and employers reached employment intentions.

three, training and promotion of group enterprises "into marriage". Demand oriented enterprise, "Youth Skills Program" entrepreneurial skills training "+" service brand training "and" migrant workers skills "as the carrier, the implementation of training subsidies 5 million 500 thousand yuan, to take the practical training, theoretical training supplemented by training, has launched the incubator service training, motorcycle maintenance skills training, culture training targeted, enterprises need high skills training more than 50 screenings, training staff of more than 8900 people, to meet the enterprises" mate "requirements, promote the poverty of people and enterprises" into marriage ".

According to the above report, we can see that the local government in Ganzi to solve the problem of poverty, the local government has taken three major initiatives in the hope that these measures will be able to achieve significant results in the future. At the same time, vigorously support the occupation introduction service center, the organization in the province of 62 companies were to Ganzi occupation technical school and Jiulong County held the Tibetan areas of Sichuan Province Campus Employment poverty special recruitment, employment and poverty alleviation in Tibetan areas of Sichuan province Ganzi employment promotion "hundred days tackling" special "blind date", to provide jobs 1766, received a job registration form in more than 1 thousand and 600 copies, 821 job seekers and employers reached employment intentions (including poor households filing riser labor 241 people).

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