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Small digital has great help to Pei Juzhen – cigarette business

many times, just a small number, often can have a very big help to the business. One to the summer, the customer manager received complaints from the merchants complained that cigarette mold will be significantly increased, although each visit to teach mildew tips, but the effect is not significant. In a visit to the market, a client manager found Pei Juzhen cigarette packaging is different, then had a strong interest in a conversation, a cigarette moistureproof method was found.

Pei Juzhen introduction, today’s cigarette sorting are 25 cigarettes constitute a plastic bag, the vertical and horizontal of the five, the outside of a cigarette with a label on the date of packing. However, due to the limited layout of the label, the handwriting is small, if you do not stare big eyes carey, it is easy to ignore. Merchants every purchase cigarettes, there are two or three less plastic bags, reaching more than ten, twenty, plus the previous inventory in the warehouse, often confused, will become even hoarding goods inventory of tobacco mildew phenomenon.

eat moldy cigarette loss, Pei Juzhen would like to find a way to solve. Last summer, the only kindergarten nephew to her play, naughty with a black pen everywhere smear results will be under one cigarette plastic bag dirty, Pei Juzhen helpless, only the first in the packaging of cigarette sales took. When trying to clean up the dirty plastic bag, she suddenly thought, if in each plastic bag with black pen to write on the delivery date, then take the cigarette can be purchased in accordance with cigarette time, choose from far to near, to avoid the backlog of cigarette caused by long-time mildew.

In fact, such a

tag is very simple to do, but you can have a very big help to the operation. So, do it, all of the inventory of cigarettes were Pei Juzhen hit a new mark, not only that, but also to sort out the order of the order of their Pei Juzhen, more convenient to take. Pei Juzhen just spend a few minutes longer than others to make a mark, her cigarettes have never been moldy phenomenon.


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