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Luo Huining, led by the tour to review the Green Fair, Hao Peng

6 23 afternoon, the provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining, governor Hao Peng led to the Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, visit the fair and held a meeting of the seventeenth green fair.

Luo Huining, Hao Peng and other leading comrades has entered Qinghai comprehensive museum, museum, ecological protection and construction of regional industrial development characteristics of Industrial Museum, thematic museum, a detailed understanding of the characteristic economy development area, new energy, new materials industry, equipment manufacturing industry, bio industry, achievements of circular economy industrial development and broad prospects, given the highly of the exhibition, the exhibition highlights that the latest, the best and most beautiful "and" new energy and new materials "two emerging industries, especially for lithium industry for the centralized display and planning, people find everything fresh and new.

then held a review meeting, the participants listened to the report of the general situation of the work of the Green Fair, the city’s first two years before the signing of the contract will be signed this year and the new green. Luo Huining, Hao Peng, Mu Dongsheng, Wang Liming, and the other, respectively, made a comment on the issue of.

review will be fully affirmed the achievements of the green fair. Pointed out that the Green Fair this year to green direction, organization work seriously, pay attention to the quality of the exhibition office, comprehensive traction capacity improved significantly, the level of development of the industry has improved significantly, significantly accelerate the growth of public entrepreneurship and innovation, leading cadres to implement the ability to significantly enhance, was a complete success.

commented that, after 17 years of development, the Green Fair has become a traditional green fair run a gilded signboard, is of special importance. There is not much advantage in location under the condition of good green fair, good investment, we must strengthen confidence, build consensus, trend, highlighting the characteristics of adaptation, as the initiative, to form a cohesive force, the province adhere to ecological protection under the premise of priority in build recycling green industrial advantages and characteristics of the highlights, show the Green Fair the unique charm out of the ordinary.

review will be pointed out that the Green Fair will not be easy to do, the implementation of the results will be more difficult to reach the green cooperation. Do the next step, to fulfil one’s promise Jiannuo, consolidate the results is more important. We must continue to attach great importance to grasp the project compliance rate, operating rate and the rate of funds in place. To strengthen the service project, to further deepen the "put the tube, take" reform, solve the outstanding problem, let the enterprises without reservation, ensure projects signed landing. To refine the implementation of the responsibility, the implementation of the project will be incorporated into the scope of the contract assessment objectives, to carry out special supervision and inspection. To strengthen the internal strength training, and constantly improve the ability to plan the project, the ability to promote and implement the ability to ensure that the results of the Green Fair will be implemented. Comments stressed that to further promote a major exhibition in the festival activities as an opportunity to grasp the target task is not to relax, focus, strengthen coordination, spare no efforts to implement, to ensure that the objectives and tasks of the 13th Five-Year "the first year of complete.

review will emphasize, encouraging achievements, the situation is inspiring. In the face of emerging new technologies, new industries, new formats, new enterprises, leading cadres at all levels of the province should enhance the sense of crisis of knowledge panic, establish a strong sense of learning;


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