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Organized by the province to develop personnel system reform training courses

from June 14th to 15, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department held a study and implement the central "on deepening the reform of personnel system and Mechanism Reform Opinions" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") training courses.

the "opinions" focus on ideas and mechanism on the obstacles to get rid of the shackles of talent development, liberation and enhance talent vitality, the formation of talent system has the advantage of international competitiveness, and together with the world of excellence, guiding ideology, basic principles and main objectives of deepening reform, put forward the reform measures from the management system, working mechanism and organization leadership and other aspects, is an important guide for current and future a period of national talent work file. I held the training course mainly focuses on the in-depth study of the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping on the reform of talent development system of the spirit, the brothers from the provinces of talent development system reform and innovation of practical experience, close to Qinghai, take practical actions to promote a solid "opinion" in our province landing force the content of training, the organization department personnel work bureau relevant leaders, experts and Beijing Province personnel office responsible person make a comprehensive report on the content of counseling. Training also set up a special discussion session, the students around the opinions and how to deepen the reform of personnel system and mechanism of the province conducted in-depth discussion.

talent work leading group member unit responsible comrades, the city state organization department, personnel office and provincial units, universities and the provincial enterprise organization and personnel departments responsible persons attended the training a total of more than 80.



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