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123456 safety and safety go together — Xining city to create a fine social management demonstration

walk in Xining City Street Bridge Street, North and south ends of the new security booth particularly eye-catching, security guard post 24 hours on duty police officers and police staff, timely disposal of all kinds of security incidents occurred in the street, and the public security police patrol, full-time patrol patrol duty, patrol patrol convergence. With the traffic police policing phase, phase coordinate and video monitoring system, through a unified scheduling, to achieve the overall linkage, deter crime, enhance public security.

fully integrate various kinds of social resources, to bridge street shops in front of the unit "three", the social security management and maintenance of public facilities, traffic safety and vehicle pedestrian street surrounding environment and other aspects of comprehensive governance, in July 1st this year, north of the city of Xining District of refined social management demonstration activities to create a street bridge street at the beginning of the pilot, crime prevention and control a point, line, surface three-in-one all-weather, all-round, full coverage, three-dimensional is formed.

four grid linkage defense

"small contradictions no community contradictions timely reporting solutions", fundamentally put an end to the petitions, malignant cases, to become a unique bridge street fine management "of the contradictions in the invisible" "over the past three months".

Bridge Street into the security booth, just met just patrol back Bridge Street police station patrol captain Peng Ning, tanned skin, chapped lips, his face wearily side exchange this encounter security weaknesses, handed over to the white side took the boiling water in the "home". He said, through the careful combing, nearly three months of patrol, the bridge street has touched a basic security dead times, where the need to strengthen the patrol, where the need for additional video probe and so on, the heart has an account.

to create activities at the beginning of the north area established by the street is responsible for the composition, district public security police station, industry and commerce, urban management, culture, fire protection, traffic police, the price department staff of "Bridge Street joint defense team. According to geographical features, bridges, distribution units along the street paved street, East and west sides of the store unit is classified into 4 grid units to take responsibility, shops along the street ten households as a group to carry out prevention work, a group of households daily during the day, wearing the armband, the value of the post inspection, find different situation, contact group and street defense linkage to prevent the worsening of the situation, upgrade in the first time.

at the end of July, activities to create a collection of information feedback group learned, between the bridge street contractor a hotel night hotel transfer, owed 29 dealers for decoration fees totaling about 1200000 yuan, damaged businesses to containment streets, immediately made a report to the District Committee and political linkage group. The same day, when the rest of the weekend, district politics and Law Committee to take immediate measures, and notify the district court sealed the freezing of the bank account of the enterprise, thus avoiding the occurrence of an event of instability. Such a seemingly inconspicuous clues, will resolve the contradictions in the bud, thanks to the implementation of a fine social management demonstration street to create activities.

when the night falls;


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