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Enhance the fine idea of urban service management — the introduction of the fourth radio frequency

2012 years, is a key link in the 12th Five-Year plan link. In the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, the Party pointed out the direction for the great development and prosperity of culture. Xining people’s broadcasting station in the municipal government’s support and care under the correct leadership of the Party committee of the Municipal Bureau of SMG, to further expand the development of ideas, enhance the development level will apply for the establishment of broadcasting, fourth radio frequency, frequency of the location for the city broadcasting service management.

will be the new frequency to promote open government, to build bridges, to enhance the quality of the people and build a harmonious Xining, to the city for the purpose; release management information policy interpretation and answering questions for the public as the main content, to the people convenience style of the program, the concept of people-oriented, to provide help for the decision-making of the government, professional radio frequency to provide services for the people living for the people to solve practical problems. Xining Radio City Service Management Radio bid has been the municipal Party committee and government as one of the key tasks in 2012 for the people.

The new

frequency will be in the "news, comment and authority of the service," the purpose, style of program refinement, deep, innovation, and strive to build a depth interview, interview with the authority of science, service, professional radio frequency breadth for the characteristics of participation. Break through the existing broadcasting broadcast scheduling mode, attention to the social development of Xining City, focusing on fine management, focus of concern to the people to capture, solve the problem of public life, communication between the government and the people’s doubts, the immediate and existing prominent, specific news events and issues, through the broadcast operation mode, in an interview, the investigation and interviews, in-depth information dissemination, audience interactive form, content, relevant information and timely feedback to the government, at the same time by radio to inform the audience, and to solve problems in the process of show to the audience, is committed to the city broadcasting service management function of "fine" exploration.

Xining people’s broadcasting station to apply for the launch of the fourth set of broadcast "urban service management Radio" in May 11, 2012 approved by the Qinghai provincial radio and Television Bureau, has been reported to the State Administration of radio and television for approval.



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