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Mother adolescent girls to know _39 breast health net _ women

adolescent girls to develop the habit of taking a bath, pay attention to breast health and health. Bra should choose soft, breathable cotton products, must be removed before going to sleep bra. It should be noted that the breast skin is very delicate, feeling itchy when not by hand scratching. If the itching is serious, and skin redness, pain and rash, should be timely to the regular hospital for treatment, can not be indiscriminate use of ointment smear.

tall breasts are smaller than their peers

experts remind, usually pay attention to avoid collision or not bra, breast nipple, eat high-fat food, do not eat ripener food, eat seafood, bacon etc.. But experts also warned that if this stage of the female breast lumps, there may be breast fibroma, need to go to hospital for treatment.


causes breast itching, mainly breast pale brown areola brings together many glands, can secrete oil like substance, for a long time, acidification and dirt accumulation of lipid, local skin will stimulate the breast, causing itching. There are some girls wearing a bra made of chemical fiber material, or did not remove the bra when sleeping, resulting in poor ventilation or poor nipple discharge sweat, moisture, but also cause itching.

associated with menstrual breast pain


[understand not afraid]

sweet, 16 years old, others are my slim, start wearing a bra, bring out the beautiful curve, even more pretty. Sometimes when the breast and nipple itching feeling, feel shy in class again by hand to scratch time, got me on tenterhooks, absent-minded in class.

[understand not afraid]

Yuan Yuan, 15 years old, I was the tallest girl in the class, but also make a lot of girls envy slim figure. Can I find my breast than other girls are small. Especially in summer, the difference is even more obvious. Others curve moving, I feel inferior: why I’m tall, but smaller than the others

[understand not afraid]

are in adolescence girls, because pre menstrual estrogen levels increased, resulting in the duct expansion, will let the breast swell harden, sometimes felt a small lump in the breast, and feel pain, tenderness, this is a normal physiological phenomenon in the development of breast, with the body self adjustment will disappear.

according to the survey data show that China’s adolescent girls in the age of 14 to 18 years old, the basic development of breast maturation. Many experts believe that the size of the breast and genetic factors. If the girl’s mother, sister and grandmother’s breasts are too small, the girl’s breasts are mostly small, and vice versa. Of course, this is not absolute.

Fang Fang, 13 years old: a few days ago when bathing, feel that such as a hill like uplift of the breast, feeling a little hard, with the arrival of menstruation, and mild pain, disturbed me confused in mind.

sudden breast itching


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