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How to keep the nternet middle high attendance

Internet cafes since the beginning of time management activities a lot, plus a lot of equipment are relatively new, therefore, attendance is very can. However, when the middle business, to maintain high attendance is facing many difficulties, also need to take more action. So, how to keep the Internet middle high attendance?

Internet cafes operating in the Interim:

refers to the Internet bar into the normal operation of the smooth phase.


Internet business into a middle stage, no longer just opened when the high popularity, traffic is only a familiar face who often come, how to open up new customers, how to retain the old members, so that Internet cafes continue to maintain high popularity, learn together! Let you in the cafe attendance climax! This comes to the question of how we operate in the middle of the Internet cafe, for this problem, the main conclusions are the following two points:

Internet cafes activities do not let go!

After the

Internet entered a period of stable operation, in order to further the popularity of hot, in the daily management of Internet cafes, according to the field situation are, such as Internet cafes playing most of the guest LOL or when the network manager can be informed through radio, Internet 20 yuan reward day in a game in five games or other awards for Internet cafes provide or drink rewards like surprise! Give the guests a freshness by surprise!

or, you can also organize some interesting and useful activities properly, for example by the network administrator or manager according to the superior number and the number of games, the organization store looking for a strange game player game player team since the game, the store Yuezhan launched! Help users make friends.

on the other hand is conducive to Internet cafes to consolidate the old customers at the same time through this creative activities so that the Internet has become the theme of the old customer accounts. Supplemented by a variety of promotional strategies, can further enhance the effect. But in the publicity or feedback, try not to go the traditional route, the other should be sustainable to establish their own characteristics.

marketing strategy both hands!

Internet cafes to do something different, in due course, you can introduce some external equipment to attract the attention of the guests. Such as the introduction of VR (virtual reality), free of charge to the user experience, or the opportunity to experience the free on the Internet at the same time to send the old members; for every one to store online customers or recharge more than 20 yuan of new customers in addition to send network fee, send a bottle of mineral water or fresh squeezed juice quality service.

perfect Internet services, Internet cafes value-added business expansion and on the one hand can help to form a good reputation of Internet cafes, increasing the attendance rate to increase revenue, while the other.


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