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North two dust pollution site rectification completed

in October 10th due to dust pollution and forced outage rectification of the Qaidam north area of affordable housing sites, residential building sites, Qinghai University DXY Tao Village resettlement site, stone village resettlement area Lei taojiazhai site and resettlement site 5 site, there are 2 sites rectification. Among them, the Qaidam road affordable housing sites in October 14th to restore power supply, Qinghai University Lilac Garden residential building site on October 23rd power.

rectification period, Qinghai University building site DXY active rectification, to overcome the difficulties and inconvenience of terrain and environmental factors at the entrance and installation of washing platform and sedimentation tank, road hardening in the enclosure to achieve the standard standard, muck and bare land covered, arrange sprinkler dust. After the rectification is completed, after the city’s air pollution comprehensive management office of the north area inspection teams and other on-site verification, acceptance, to restore the normal construction. The rest of the rectification of the three sites continue to rectification. (author: Tang Rong & Wu Guofang)



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