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Mafang Street organized the thirty-fourth Jian Wei day

will continue to promote and consolidate the "Wei Jian" results, in accordance with the North Ai Wei [2012]63 document "on the North District issued < thirty-fourth to carry out a" programme of work of the national health city construction "activities > notice" spirit, the combination of our office, in August 25, 2012 launched the "focus, comprehensive investigation, seriously the rectification, the establishment of long-term, consolidate the achievements" as the theme of "health day".

communities, village to the city sanitation Mafang area, especially the farmers market for environmental sanitation, cleaning is not in place, garbage and other issues not timely request, each in charge of community to increase remediation efforts, and establishing a system of management. The event is also the primary and secondary road cleaning and sanitation of the families of the hospital building outstanding problems were investigated, remediation.



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