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n order to promote the development of key construction projects in the form of responsibility book

"in the form of responsibility to further clarify the responsibilities and obligations of both parties, this is an exploration and attempt." In the recently held 2016 key construction projects for docking meeting, Liu Yinxiu deputy director of the Provincial Department of land and Resources said, in order to effectively alleviate the pressure of the economic downturn, our province will focus on promoting the construction progress of the project to explore the responsibility form.


13th Five-Year" period, Qinghai "as an important node in the western region Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, as an important area to undertake the eastern industrial transfer, strengthen infrastructure construction, the implementation of the people’s livelihood and ecological environment protection and construction of key projects in this period is the objective need of. For the comprehensive protection of key construction projects according to the law of the land, the land department of the province around the provincial government "steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting reform and improve people’s livelihood" overall layout, Duocuobingju, comprehensive measures, the effective investment, accelerate the use of pre-trial, approval and supply construction, to meet the personalized and diversified use the demand, at the same time, actively explore and improve the land system and mode, promote the construction of key projects land resources security and achieve a win-win situation. At the meeting, the Provincial Department of land and resources and the Xining municipal government, Haixi state government, the Qinghai Provincial Department of transportation, the State Grid Qinghai electric power company signed the "key construction projects in 2016,". According to Liu Yinxiu introduction, in the future, our province will gradually improve the responsibility system, fully protect the people’s livelihood project construction of major projects, key projects, land use, to achieve the protection of resources and security development, active service and standardized management, safeguard the effective unification of rights and the people’s livelihood.



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