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North of the city crack three noes hospital management problems


obviously, fine management and create a city, built in the north of the city of the most beautiful flowers bloom huimin. The third floor of the hospital management has been the focus and difficulty of urban management, how to let the residents of the three buildings to share a happy life, Xining city out of its own model. Long term management mechanism for the interests of the people of the mountains and rivers of the families of the hospital renovation management, is a microcosm of the City North District, three noes hospital management model. North of the city in the spirit of doing practical things for the masses, do good, solve the difficult work objectives, innovative ideas, expand the field, the implementation of remediation actions, focusing on solving the problem of hospital management of the old family without property. North District is located in the urban fringe area, a large part of off, stop, and broken, and the old families, these three noes district hospital building units involved more, personnel living complex, long-term unattended, unattended state road potholes, bright lights, dirty and messy, chaotic parking, poor law and order a series of problems, greatly troubled the daily life of the residents has become a stumbling block in the region to create a national civilized city, environmental protection model city tough road. To this end, the North District government with emphasis on improving the living environment, improve the quality of life of the target, the pilot step by step, focus focus on remediation of the old families of Institute of environmental health, the basic needs of residents on environmental health. Through demonstration and guidance to play the subjective initiative of the owners and residents, and ultimately realize the old family property management socialization. Full implementation of the new mode of health management of old families, in batches of the implementation of long-term management mechanism of environmental health, 87 of the region’s old family member courtyard gradually comprehensive renovation, completely solve the management of old family member courtyard difficult problem, also the masses living environment clean and tidy. Three environmental sanitation system building the hospital in 2012, Chengbei district to enhance the city management level of refinement, and effectively solve the practical problems of the people work objectives, organization district management committee member units of the property management is not implemented the bankrupt enterprise residential area (building) in the investigation. The region has no property management (old and old) family homes 87, 502 buildings, a total of 21069 households. According to the preliminary investigation combined with the reality of the area, north of the city district to form a new model of management of old family member courtyard management and service both in time. Outstanding management, namely: urban sanitation departments to strengthen environmental sanitation, cluttered remediation efforts to help;


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