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Provincial Party committee held an enlarged meeting

Wang Jianjun presided over and spoke stressed the need to Daxing learning, implementation, investigation and research, to promote positive energy, unity and struggle, director of entrepreneurship

12 19 afternoon, party secretary Wang Jianjun, deputy secretary of the provincial government hosted the provincial government party meeting, study and implement the central economic work conference and the enlarged meeting of the Provincial Standing Committee, implement the work plan arrangements.

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Wang Jianjun pointed out in his speech, the central economic work conference after the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee the Party Central Committee held a very important meeting, general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, a comprehensive summary of the party’s eighteen years of economic work, in-depth analysis of the current economic development is facing the international and domestic situation, deeply discusses the major problems of economic to grasp the work of next year, is a new achievement in the contemporary Chinese, in the process of economic development in the new application of Marx political economics. Premier Li Keqiang’s important speech, summed up the economic work this year, the deployment of next year’s economic work ideas and keynote, objectives and policies, tasks and initiatives, with strong guidance and targeted. Study and implement the general secretary of the important speech and the spirit of the central economic work conference and Xi Jinping Prime Minister Li Keqiang at the meeting, is a major political task of the current and future periods, the government party to practical thinking and action into the major decision of the central government, up to the provincial unified arrangements and requirements of the proper handling of the spirit of learning the relationship between work and thinking, and to obey the whole local relations, grasp the direction and improvement of the methods of relations, respect for the law and promote the development of the relationship, and enhance the ability of maintaining relations, the nature of the relationship between the observed phenomena and perspective, complete all the work in the steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood, risk prevention, to promote stable and healthy economic development and social harmony and stability, efforts to excellent results for a party of nineteen wins and thirteen provincial Party Congress Li ting.

Wang Jianjun stressed that next year is the province’s full implementation of the four solid key requirements of the year, to ensure that economic and social development work is essential to open a good step. The government must further expand the atmosphere of study, "two a" learning achievement, continue in-depth study of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, find the solution to the problem in the process of learning; to implement the Daxing wind, fully implement the central and provincial work arrangements, firmly implement; to conduct investigation and study the wind, leading cadres should take the lead deep into the grassroots line, masses, open thinking, perfect ideas through research; to promote positive energy in Daxing wind, increase publicity and interpretation of the reform development and stability of the work performance of the show and the "13th Five-Year" development target of initiatives, to create a good atmosphere for the development of unity and struggle of the wind Daxing; adhere to the development of thought, taking people as the center, continue to run practical livelihood, to improve people’s livelihood, unite the people together to the people; The wind of the business that initiate a director, plan to take a plan, plan to take a project, the project takes capital, capital belt;


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